Tax Return Deadline Record Broken

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Tax Return Deadline Record Broken

Over ten million tax returns submitted by the 31st January deadline beating last year's record.

New figures released by HMRC show 10.03 million tax returns were submitted by the 31st January deadline last week. The figure beats last years on time submission total and records the largest percentage of returns submitted on time at 93.4 percent.

Submissions online totalled 8.48 million, a record breaking 84.5 percent of all tax returns submitted. The inevitable rush to submit tax returns online led to an increase of over 500,000 compared to the previous year - possibly all on deadline day as over half a million returns were submitted on the last day.

Statistics for 31st Jan include:

TimeAmount of submissions
4pm - 5pm45,706
11pm - 12am21,027
All day569,847

Previous figures showed a total of 10.74 million people were required to submit a tax return, leaving over 700,000 returns still outstanding - earning HMRC automatic fine revenue of £70 million.

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