Londoners Most Likely To Be Late As Taxman Takes 75 Million Pounds In Penalties

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March 29th 2020
Tax Week 52
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Londoners Most Likely To Be Late As Taxman Takes 75 Million Pounds In Penalties

New data provides an insight into how different regions fared when it came to last year's self assessment deadline.

HMRC has released a new set of figures today, based upon the 2012 Tax Return, that reveal people in London as the most likely to be late in submitting their tax returns.

People who submit their tax return even one day late are automatically charged a £100 penalty - regardless of whether any tax is due.

The figures show one in nine people in the London region missed the self assessment deadline last year. The average outside of London is one in fourteen.

The South West fared better as the best region for punctuality with a late submission rate of one in seventeen.

The full figures are below:

Area Total Late Fines
London560,00061,600 (11%)£6.16 million
Outer London990,00089,100 (9%)£8.91 million
North West890,00071,200 (8%)£7.12 million
East Midlands640,00044,800 (7%)£4.48 million
West Midlands750,00052,500 (7%)£5.25 million
East of England1,040,00072,800 (7%)£7.28 million
South East1,710,000119,700 (7%)£11.97 million
South West1,000,00060,000 (6%)£6 million
Yorkshire & The Humber680,00047,600 (7%)£4.76 million
North East270,00018,900 (7%)£1.89 million
Northern Ireland240,00016,800 (7%)£1.68 million
Scotland660,00046,200 (7%)£4.62 million
Wales400,00028,000 (7%)£2.8 million
Total UK10,230,000757,200 (7%)£75.7 million
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