Tax Cheat List Made Public By HMRC

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June 25th 2022
Tax Week 12
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Tax Cheat List Made Public By HMRC

For the first time a list of deliberate tax defaults has been made available online at HMRC's website.

Legislation introduced in the 2009 Finance Act has now been put into action with the introduction of the 'Deliberate Defaulters List'.

Published online at HMRC's website, this is the first time such an action has taken place. The effort has been made to further dissuade UK taxpayers from attempting to avoid tax either by defaulting or not making total disclosures.

The list is only allowed to be public for 12 months after which the names will be refreshed.

People who have been published within the list could have led to losses of more than £25,000 and include:

  • A person who has received a penalty/fine for filing an inaccurate tax return or other document since 1st April 2010.
  • A person who has not complied with HMRC obligations such as notifying of an income liable to tax.
  • VAT or excise discrepancies since 1st April 2010.
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