Salary Detective - Find out how much someone earns?

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July 12th 2020
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Salary Detective - Find out how much someone earns?

If someone has a student loan you can discreetly find out what their gross income is.

Use this quick tool to find the annual gross income by just entering the amount paid toward a student loan. It's pretty straightforward and will give you an accurate figure as long as the loan payment amount is correct.

Salary Detective
Find salary from student loan

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There are two main types of student loan that have been used over the last two decades or so, these are plan 1 and 2 type loans, separated at September 2012.

The loans deduct nine percent of gross earnings above a certain threshold. The threshold varies yearly. Since 2018 the threshold for plan 2 loans has been greatly increased and will now also get yearly inflation linked increases as was always the case with plan 1 loans.

Gauging a colleague's salary can be important when looking at promotion offers or weighing up whether to request a pay rise. Branching out to look for work in new areas you can use salary information to aid your decision making process too.

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