Tax Reliefs and Expenses

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April 14th 2021
Tax Week 2
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Tax Reliefs and Expenses

Learn how tax reliefs and expenses can be used to reduce your tax bill.

How to make a claim for tax relief on work expenditure

Providing your expense claims are suitable and adhere to the guidance HMRC provides, we recommend having an accountant or professional tax adviser look over your figures before a request is submitted to HMRC.

If you claim for a tax adjustment of up to £2,500, you can have your tax code amended to provide relief for the immediate tax year and following tax years within that employment.

If you claim for a tax adjustment of more than £2,500 you will still have your tax code amended, but you will be required to fill in a tax return (if you do not already do so).

People who are not self employed can make a claim by contacting HMRC directly or filling in the form P87, otherwise you make declarations of expenditure on your tax return.

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