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December 16th 2017
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Estimate Tax Payments - Use this quick calculator to get an estimate of tax payments for the last three tax years.

If you complete a Self Assessment Tax Return there is a difference between what your tax bill is and what you pay due to making payments on account during the tax year toward the next tax year's bill.

Essentially you make two payments toward next year's tax bill and then make a payment to balance what the actual bill was. This pattern then continues unless your tax bill is less than £1,000.

Enter a few details for the last three tax years below and we will automatically calculate your tax bill and then estimate your payments (January 31st and July 31st).

Note 1. This calculator assumes any PAYE liability has already been deducted accurately off your payslip.
Note 2. This calculator assumes that prior to the earliest year there were no payments on account made so first payment (the balancing payment) will be the full tax bill.
Note 3. Payments on account are not half your tax bill. Certain taxes or tax-related deductions are excluded from the payment on account and settled with the balancing payment.

Estimate Tax Payments
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