2011/2012 Tax Rates and Allowances

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June 30th 2022
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2011/2012 Tax Rates and Allowances

2011/2012 Tax Rates and Allowances

Income Tax - Use our Tax Calculator to Calculate Income Tax

Tax Free Personal Allowance

the amount of gross income you can earn before you are liable to paying income tax
Personal Allowance (Under Age 65)£7,475
Personal Allowance (Aged 65-74)£9,940
Personal Allowance (Age 75 or Over)£10,090

Income Limits For Tapering

the amount of gross income you can have before your personal allowance is reduced personal allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 over the limit * personal allowance will only be reduced to the basic personal allowance unless income is over £100,000
Income Limit (Under 65)£100,000
Income Limit (Aged 65 or Over) *£24,000

Married Couples Allowance

available to a qualifying individual born before 6th April 1935 aged 75 or over 10% of the amount below is allowed to be deducted from the tax bill of a qualifying individual personal allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 over the income limits for tapering - up to the minimum married couple's allowance level
Married Couples Allowance£7,295
Minimum Married Couples Allowance£2,800

Blind Person's Allowance

Additional Personal Allowance£1,980

Income Tax Bands and Percentages

*10% starting rate is for savings income only - if your non-savings income is above the starting band level, the 10% rate will NOT apply and the basic rate percentage will be used instead.
Starting Rate (Savings only *)£0 - £2,56010%*
Basic Rate£0 - £35,00020%
Higher Rate£35,001 - £150,00040%
Additional/Top RateOver £150,00050%

Dividend Tax Bands and Percentages - Use our Dividend Tax Calculator to Calculate Tax On Dividends

Ordinary Rate£0 - £35,00010%
Upper Rate£35,001 - £150,00032.5%
Additional/Top RateOver £150,00042.5%

National Insurance Contributions - Select your NIC Letter and calculate your NIC Liability

National Insurance Rates and Allowances

Find your classification by looking up your NIC letter on your payslip/return

Shared Banding For All NICs

Lower Earnings Limit (Weekly)£102
Upper Accrual Point (Weekly)£770
Upper Earnings Limit (Weekly)£817
Primary Threshold (Weekly)£139
Secondary Threshold (Weekly)£136

Rates for Class 1 NICs

Between Primary Threshold and Upper Earnings Limit12%
Above Upper Earnings Limit2%
Employers' Rate Above Secondary Threshold13.8%
Class 1A Rate On Employer Provided Benefits13.8%
Employees' Contracted Out Rebate1.6%
Employers' Contracted Out Rebate3.4%
Married Women's Reduced Rate Between Primary and Upper Earnings5.85%
Married Women's Reduced Rate Above Upper Earnings2%

Self Employed Class 2 and Class 4 NICs

Class 4 Lower Profits Limit (Annual)£7,225
Class 4 Upper Profits Limit (Annual)£42,475
Class 4 Rate Between Lower and Upper Profits9%
Class 4 Rate Above Upper Profits2%
Class 2 Earnings Exception Limit£5,315
Class 2 Weekly Amount£2.50
Class 2 Weekly Amount (Share Fisherman)£3.15
Class 2 Weekly Amount (Volunteer Development Workers)£5.10

Voluntary Class 3 NICs

Weekly rate£12.60

Corporation Tax - Calculate Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax Rates and Limits

Small Profits Rate20%
Main Rate26%
Small Profits Limit£300,000
Marginal Relief Lower Limit£300,000
Marginal Relief Upper Limit£1,500,000
Marginal Relief Fraction3/200

Capital Gains Tax - Calculate Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax Rates and Annual Exempt Amounts

Annual Exempt Amount

Individuals, Personal Reps and Trustees for Disable People£10,600
Other Trustees£5,300

CGT Tax Rates

Individuals - Basic Rate Taxpayer18%
Individuals - Higher Rate Taxpayer28%
Personal Representative of a Deceased Individual28%
Gains Qualifying for Entrepreneurs' Relief10%

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