Anesthesiologist Salary Information

Anesthesiologist salary information, income percentile, mortgage affordability and more.


How much does an anesthesiologist earn?

Annual salaries range from £51,444 to £197,484. Below is the full range of pay both before and after tax:

Pre-tax £51,444
(£4,287 p/mth)
(£7,201 p/mth)
(£16,457 p/mth)
Pre-tax Income Percentile 89th 96th 99th
Post-tax £38,376
(£3,198 p/mth)
(£4,888 p/mth)
(£9,642 p/mth)
Post-tax Income Percentile 84th 95th 99th
Percentage Tax Deduction 25% 32% 41%

Anesthesiologists play an important role in a variety of surgical procedures as they are responsible for the careful administration of general or local anesthetics while closely monitoring the patient. When using general anesthesia, you should always carefully monitor all vital signs and give this information to the surgeon. For local anesthetics, it is necessary to maintain communication with the patient and monitor the level of comfort, usually through ambulatory procedures.

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Below are the range of mortgages typically affordable for a single applicant anesthesiologist:

average gross salary£51,445£86,416£197,489
max mortgage£231,503£388,872£888,701
deposit paid£25,723£43,208£98,745
max purchase price£257,226£432,080£987,446
mortgage repayment p.mth (2.5%|25yr)£1,050£1,764£4,032

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