Strategic Account Manager Salary Information

Strategic Account Manager salary information, income percentile, mortgage affordability and more.


How much does a strategic account manager earn?

Annual salaries range from £27,744 to £75,996. Below is the full range of pay both before and after tax:

Pre-tax £27,744
(£2,312 p/mth)
(£4,075 p/mth)
(£6,333 p/mth)
Pre-tax Income Percentile 60th 87th 95th
Post-tax £22,404
(£1,867 p/mth)
(£3,066 p/mth)
(£4,384 p/mth)
Post-tax Income Percentile 53rd 82nd 93rd
Percentage Tax Deduction 19% 25% 31%

The main responsibility of a strategic account manager is to serve as the main point of contact between the company and its customers, in particular by ensuring formal two-way communication. Strategic account managers work for clients and employers. It is their responsibility to ensure the continuity of a healthy customer relationship by ensuring that the transactions between the parties are fair and satisfactory to all.

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Below are the range of mortgages typically affordable for a single applicant strategic account manager:

average gross salary£27,749£48,904£76,001
max mortgage£124,871£220,068£342,005
deposit paid£13,875£24,452£38,001
max purchase price£138,746£244,520£380,006
mortgage repayment p.mth (2.5%|25yr)£567£998£1,552

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