Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) Salary Information

Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) salary information, income percentile, mortgage affordability and more.


How much does a certified massage therapist (cmt) earn?

Annual salaries range from £15,504 to £73,344. Below is the full range of pay both before and after tax:

Pre-tax £15,504
(£1,292 p/mth)
(£1,736 p/mth)
(£6,112 p/mth)
Pre-tax Income Percentile 20th 41st 94th
Post-tax £14,076
(£1,173 p/mth)
(£1,475 p/mth)
(£4,256 p/mth)
Post-tax Income Percentile 16th 35th 93rd
Percentage Tax Deduction 9% 15% 30%

Certified massage therapists typically work in spas and clinics and apply kneading techniques to relax muscles, relieve pain, and help recover from injuries when needed. Sometimes I do self-employment and travel from one house or place to another.

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Below are the range of mortgages typically affordable for a single applicant certified massage therapist (cmt):

average gross salary£15,503£20,829£73,343
max mortgage£69,764£93,731£330,044
deposit paid£7,752£10,415£36,672
max purchase price£77,516£104,146£366,716
mortgage repayment p.mth (2.5%|25yr)£317£425£1,497

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