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  • Small Business Tax Planner

    Small Business Tax Planner

    Use our small business tax planner to quickly estimate the amount of profit your business can make and how you can remove the profit from the business. Add multiple dividends, salaries and more!

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  • Dividend vs Salary

    Dividend vs Salary

    Sole Trader vs Employed Director vs Full Directors Dividend. Enter your Gross Profits, your age, sex and select the tax year. We will detail the tax efficient option for you!

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  • Corporation Tax Calculator

    Corporation Tax Calculator

    Enter your gross profit and select tax year. We will select the appropriate corporation tax rate for you or if marginal, calculate corporation tax using marginal rate.

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  • Buy To Let Tax Calculator

    Buy To Let Tax Calculator

    Use this valuable tool for Landlords to get an overview of the profit and tax liability for a property portfolio and see the effects of the upcoming rule changes for tax reliefs.

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  • Estimate Tax Payments

    Estimate Tax Payments

    People submitting tax returns can have varying tax payments due to making payments on account. Use this calculator to estimate actual payments and dates from your income.

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